Seven reasons why you will love alpaca wool

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If you like natural products you have to include a garment of alpaca wool on your closet. The alpaca wool has many qualities and advantages respecting other kinds of wool. It has a silky texture, its warmer but lets your body breath, also it’s fiber is longer and more resistant which is what makes the garments last longer. But guess what..... the alpaca is not killed or harmed when getting the haircut :) and it is environmental friendly. Here you have 7 reason why you will fall in love with the alpaca wool.

1.-It is cozy

Believe it or not, alpaca wool is very soft and luxurious, it has a silky sheen that is maintained despite production, dyeing and washing. Many considerer that alpaca wool has a superior quality than cashmere, and its quality makes it last longer so you don’t need to buy this kind of garments very frequently.

2.-The fiber is natural

The Alpaca fiber is a natural fiber which can be collected once a year without harming the animal. This fiber is special because it doesn’t contain fat, oil or lanolin.

3.-Environmental friendly

As it is a natural fiber, it is environmental friendly by nature. It can be discomposed easily, you can throw it to the land and it will disappear. Also, it doesn’t contain any chemicals that can affect your body or the environment. It is easy to recycle and the wool can be reused.

4.-It is warm, not prickly

Despite the alpaca wool being thin, it is considered to be 2 or 3 times warmer than common wool so although it is preferably worn in cold weather, but in summer nights it is perfect as well. Its fiber doesn’t itch and you can use it without a shirt underneath without a problem. Also, it doesn’t contain lanolin which makes it hypoallergenic, so if your skin is a bit sensitive you won't have problems from wearing garments made from alpaca wool.

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5.-Regulates bodies temperature

Despite the alpaca wool being a warm fiber, it lets your body breath. Maybe you have felt that suffocation sensation when you wear a synthetic fiber, like you cannot breathe. This is because you are wearing a synthetic garment that doesn’t let your body breath naturally.

6.-It is a very old fiber

The alpaca is a domesticated animal which principally is found in Peru where it has the largest population of this camelid. As mentioned before, alpaca can be domesticated and the ancestral population of Peru, ‘The Incas’ used to raise them and adored its fiber. Such is the point that the Incas valued alpaca fiber more than gold. This is not surprising to anyone who has cozied a garment made from alpaca wool.

7.-It is hygienic

The garments made from alpaca wool are light and airy despite being a warm fiber. The fiber is highly resistant to all kinds of fungi and microorganisms. So you don’t need to wash them very often, it is better to just air your garment and it will be like new ;).

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