All LUCUMA’s garments are designed in Sweden and are produced in small quantities in a workshop in the city of Arequipa - Peru.

There are many cloth manufactures around the globe, but what do we know about them? A little and most of the time we know nothing (like Jon Snow). We don’t know how the product are manufactured, the work conditions and either the impact it causes to our environment. We LUCUMA, believe in environmental sustainable products that are produced in very good work conditions. That is why, we decided to own a small workshop, to ensure the environmental and social demands.

The yarn used to produce the garment is 100 % baby alpaca, this is considered as a luxury wool and the quality of the produced garments surpasses the alpaca wool and any other wool. These alpacas graze freely in the Peruvian Andes.

Our garments are produced in three different ways: using a hand knitting machine, using a old handloom technique, and being completely hand knitted.

This is the handloom machine used by artisans to weave LUCUMA's garments. As the garments are artisanal made it doesn't take minuts to produce a single garment but hours of work is needed to finish a product. fffffffffff weaving machine