Wash - do it by hand, and wipe properly

It's the handling - not the temperature (max 30 ° C) - which can damage your garments. Therefore, it is important that you are extremely careful when hand washing them. Submerge the garment in water for at least 20 minutes, using only a mild detergent. Rinse twice and carefully remove the garment from the water and put on a towel. The towel rolls you together and then presses it to get all the water - it is very important not to twist the garment.

Remove the garment and put on a new dry towel. Shape the garments so that it is in correct shape, and lay flat to dry.

We advise not to use a washing machine, but if you rely a washing machine use only the hand wash program. Each machine is different so we cannot say if even the hand wash program is safe to use for your garment. We advise that you never use a dryer for your garment.

The garments can be ventilated and do not need to be washed very often.