Our company

LUCUMA was born in late 2016 with the intention of being a company that respects the environment and social ethics. Our primary aim is to produce clothes with as little environmental impact as possible. How? Firstly, by producing long lasting clothes. Secondly, using environmentally friendly materials in the garment. Third, by avoiding environmentally harmful materials throughout the process: from raw material to the garment you get home.

By 2017, we decided that our first environmentally friendly products would be made of alpaca wool. Alpaca wool has unique properties and it is also possible to create environmentally sustainable products from this. The fleece of the alpaca is one of the few kinds of wool that generates little environmental impact. Peru became the natural choice of place to pick up the wool and to make the garment. The alpaca animal lives in the highlands of Peru since thousands of years and people have used their wool since then. To ensure and meet our environmental and social demands, we decided to open a small workshop in Arequipa, where there are also the largest suppliers of alpacka wool.