Our garments are made from 100% baby alpaca wool that comes from alpacas in the andes of Peru. Alpaca fiber is also considered very luxurious, but is slightly softer, lighter and warmer than cashmere thanks to it longer fibers. One very important characteristic of Alpaca fiber is that it has no lanolin. Lanolin is the wax or oil which makes the sheep’s wool waterproof for the animal. The absence of lanolin in alpaca fiber means it is hypoallergenic (causes fewer allergic reactions), therefore it is friendly and suitable to anyone, even babies and people with sensitive skin. However, alpaca fiber is naturally water-repellent and difficult to ignite. Another great quality is that it pills less than cashmere and imperceptible if compared with wool (lamb). 

What does it mean  ’baby alpaca wool’?

Many people misunderstand the definition of ¨babyalpacka ¨ as it sounds like it's  talked about the kids of the alpaca animals. That is not the case. The wool of the alpaca animal varies in quality depending on the parts of the animal where the wool is collected. Baby alpaca wool comes from the bottom of the alpaca neck, where the wool is the finest and softest. The alpaca animal is sheared annually in a way that never damages the animals.